Thursday, 22 July 2021

Viridian Tea House - Life Ending Tea with Robert Krog!


(taken from one of Krog's social media sites)

The new video from Viridian Tea House is LIVE - much thanks to Robert J. Krog for his book Shank, Hit World V! 

Check out his book and all of his other works - you won't be disappointed. 

Click HERE to access the video!

Monday, 19 July 2021

Adventures With My Tea Muse - Mind Killing Tea

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Me: I'm so glad I've got the next two days off from work. Whoopie! Should I just relax and do nothing, or work on everything else I've missed out, or - 

Tea Muse: (handing me a rather large cup of Earl Grey tea in silence)

Me: (taking a long sip) Ahhhh, thanks! How did you know I needed that most of all?

Tea Muse: Simple - The Earl Grey will FLOW! (grinning widely)

Me: (laughing) Okay, no more Herbert for you!

Tea Muse: Does that make me a Tea Bene -

Me: (looking around frantically to make sure no lawyers are present) We can't use those words here! Copyright and all. 

Tea Muse: (looking innocently at me) Then I guess I shouldn't say that I love a good SPICE tea?

Me: (finishing my tea then doing a facepalm)

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Krewe du Who Tea Blend


Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Viridian Tea House - Thrills and Chills!


I truly enjoyed reading and reviewing the book Deadly Games! by author Bobby Nash - click HERE for the Viridian Tea House YouTube link!

Thanks again, Bobby!

Click HERE for the link to Tea of the Dominant, the featured tea brewed during this review!

Adventures With My Tea Muse - Welcome to COLORADO!


Me: (puffing lightly) Okay, I think that's all of your stuff . . . right?

Tea Muse: (looking around the room) It feels good to be with you again! Woot! (dancing around my office as John Coltrane plays on my computer)

Me: I feel terrible that it's been so long since we last hung out.

Tea Muse: Hey, it's not easy working with an imaginary being sometimes! Anyway, tell me all about Colorado! I'm dying to get outside and conquer mountains! (stops dancing and lands on the floor)

Me: Well . . (scratching head)  . . it's more than just mountains. Lakes, rivers, really cool coffee joints -

Tea Muse: (gasping in shock) You're STILL drinking . . . COFFEE?! Blech!

Me: Hey! I'm still drinking tea, ma'am! In fact, I've created new blends and even started a YouTube channel, so you can stop glaring at me, okay?

Tea Muse: (crosses arms and sighs) Fine, but don't let me catch you drinking that nasty stuff.

Me: (giving her the side-eye) Oh yeah . . . there are a TON of tea houses here . . . just sayin' . . . 

Tea Muse: (eyes going wide like a kitten) And WHY are we still in the house?!?! (grabs my arm and we fly out of the house)

Sigh. Yeah, it's great to have her back!

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(Librarian's Tea Break Blend)

Tuesday, 6 July 2021

Dark Fear - Poetry


If one sits still long enough

Mushrooms will grow on their skin like edible tattoos.

Fungi of every colour, size, and smell

sprouting in response to a thought, untouched dreams, and wishes gone away.

Eating your own strengthens the resolve;

not waste, taken and absorbed back into the collective.

Cultivated and naked bodies

create enough for the world, assisted in dark rooms, 

stored away from the sun.

Thinly sliced and savoured during parties of ill repute:

women dressed in ebon coloured dresses,

eyes distorted by mysterious kohl.

The men stand to the side, watching like naive children;

their purpose is not yet given to them.

Samples of everyone lay about within an atmosphere

of an opium den - Gothic tragedy creating such sexual frustrations

and the removal of limitations.

Those who linger beyond the normal, those who savour

and taste such fungal pleasures

mingled with blood drawn from their own veins,

smile as only they can.

Their bright violet eyes, their mouths painted with crushed blueberries,

make such dreams as to be carried on silver platters.

I was born in such a place, naked and pale, ready to sample myself.

My own fungal creations, covered in crushed faerie wings and first kisses. 

Artists, writers, thinkers beyond the realm populate these rooms - 

rooms that house the flesh mushrooms.

They made their choice to flee from the sun

and linger in their musty basements.

They are the Lords and Ladies of Darkness, rulers

in a world that has yet to experience Fear. 

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Mortals Market Tea Blend - as made for The Order of the Good Death.

Thursday, 1 July 2021

Archaic Tongue - Poetry


Too many shadows to catch

And not enough patience; something completely regrettable.

I am tired - let me fade and become a shadow

To be caught by colours still unknown to humans.

I was brought here to be a witness

To the failings of the world

And still I speak with an archaic tongue.

I wish to prove to you

That yes, it is possible to become something else.

Something within your reach, something

That the world has only dreamt of and will never create. 

Listen to the winds across the sea

and tell me that you still don't believe,

For as long as you remain stuck within your mind

That damage you complain of will never die. 

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Tea Blends for the Strange and Unusual!

Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Cherry Blossom and Fangs - END


The oozing creature hunched itself up like a hissing cat, then slithered at a rapid pace toward the two. The samurai raised up her katana, ready to end this battle, only to be pushed to the side by the werewolf. She fell to the floor and watched as the werewolf grabbed the Undying One with both clawed hands and dug into the thick flesh. The creature screamed as it tried to bite the werewolf, yet his clawed grip limited its movements. Horrific smelling pus flew everywhere as the werewolf dug deeper into the Undying One. The samurai calmly got up and walked toward the two, then slid the point of her katana into the base of the creature's head. More pus streamed out of the wound, causing the werewolf to release the foul body.

"Why did you push me away, Samuel?" she asked her companion as they watched the creature slowly die. 

"Why do you still forget that I'm your companion?" The two looked at each other as a wordless conversation flew between them. True, she had spent so much time on her own that having a companion felt foreign to her. She understood why her sensei told her to follow the werewolf - it was time. Her sensei could only teach her so much. The Undying One shriveled to a messy blot on the floor, then disappeared altogether along with the putrid smell. The samurai heard slight movement and looked up to find that the patrons were slowly returning to their tables, unable to forget what they had just witnessed. They would need something far stronger than tea to calm them down. 

"I thought we had killed the last of them back in France," the werewolf growled as they too resumed their seating. "Or at least, I thought you killed them all." He set his golden gaze on his companion and calmly waited for an answer. The samurai focused her sight on the teacup before her with no answer for him. 

"Mistress Samurai," said the owner of the tea house as he timidly approached them, "I can not thank you enough for killing that beast and saving us!" She raised her gaze to him and found him bowing before her. She raised her cup in a somewhat salute, then took a long sip of the now cold tea. The owner returned to his bar and resumed serving other patrons. Sounds of conversation and some laughter returned to the tea house. Samuel watched her with a careful eye - seeing that creature unnerved her. 

"I haven't forgotten," she suddenly replied to Samuel as she fully faced him. "I know why Sensei told me to go with you."

"Then," Samuel replied as he placed a now human hand on top of hers, "let me be what you need." She stared at the tanned hand and then smiled. "Besides," he added as he pulled away, "we've got two days before we need to reach that town by Silver River." The samurai nodded in reply - their real task had not even begun. 


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